Thursday, 8 December 2016

Hostess gets a quickie - Erotic Story

One Sunday evening, Kate hosted her boyfriends and a couple of his friends at his home.

They all came over to watch a football match. Normally, Kate's boyfriend, Larry would go over to his friends' houses for these games. One day, Kate, being the nice girlfriend she was, suggested they came over instead. Larry took her up on the offer.
Kate was the perfect hostess. She prepared special meals and made sure the fridge was stocked with beer. She made sure they were all comfortable even though she was not into football matches herself.
One friend, especially, caught her eye. He was good looking and his smile captivated her. He must find her attractive too because he kept looking over at her whenever she passed by. She tried to clamp down the feeling of excitement that brewed in her whenever she caught this friend looking at her. It was normal, she told herself. She was a woman and he was simply checking her out the way men did. It did  not mean he wanted to sleep with her. She tried not calm herself but to no avail.

Even though she previously planned to return to her bedroom after attending to her guests, she changed her mind. She sat on one of the living room sofas and pretended to be watching the game. The friend's eyes were still on her and she tried to pretend he was not the reason she hung around with the boys.
Eventually, she found the strength to just get up and go in the room. The guy's attention was starting to turn her on and she was very sure it was time to stay away. She shot him a quick smile while the rest were focused on the match. Then she retreated to her bedroom.
She had just entered when a slight knock on the door made her turn back. It was the guy. He looked at her and she knew exactly what he was thinking. Evidently, he took her smile to mean that she was asking him to come and meet her. He said he told the guys he wanted to ease himself and he followed her.
She was shocked and nervous but all that was replaced with arousal when he grabbed her by the hips, pulled her close to him and kissed her.
She quickly closed the door behind them and he began to unbuckle his trousers. They did not have much time and Kate needed what he was offering. She removed her own jeans and panties then bent over while still in a standing position for easy access. She turned around and held on to the door as he grabbed her by the waist and slid his dick in her.
The thrill of what she was doing overcame her. She could not believe she was doing this. It was something she had never done in her life but God help her, right now, acting like a wanton slut was driving her crazy with desire. It was such a turn on that she was cumming within seconds. He was not far behind as he came and the quickie ended as fast as it started.
They both adjusted their clothes with the friend hurrying out of the bedroom. Kate collapsed on her bed with relief. That had got to be the hottest sexual experience she had ever had. Granted, it lasted two minutes, but still...