Friday, 14 April 2017

Facebook cracks down on 30,000 accounts for spreading fake news

At the end of last year, Facebook announced plans to start dealing with accounts that spread false news on social media.
Now, Facebook has just cracked down on 30,000 accounts found to be spreading fake news stories or spam in France ahead of the country's presidential election.
Facebook's security manager Shabnam Shaik says, 'our priority, of course is to remove the accounts with the largest footprint, with a high amount of activity and a broad reach. The purge will not remove all accounts that are spreading fake news, but we know we have to keep getting better'.

The spread of fake news has raised concerns in France ahead of the the country's national elections.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Breaking News: Church Building Collapse in Akwa Ibom

Breaking News: Foundation of Reigners Bible Church collapse. Gov Udom Emmanuel escaped, while other trapped. Source say many are dead. Church is along Uyo village road, pandemonium every where.  Excavation ongoing to retrieve corpse from the rumble.
God help us.

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Hostess gets a quickie - Erotic Story

One Sunday evening, Kate hosted her boyfriends and a couple of his friends at his home.

They all came over to watch a football match. Normally, Kate's boyfriend, Larry would go over to his friends' houses for these games. One day, Kate, being the nice girlfriend she was, suggested they came over instead. Larry took her up on the offer.
Kate was the perfect hostess. She prepared special meals and made sure the fridge was stocked with beer. She made sure they were all comfortable even though she was not into football matches herself.
One friend, especially, caught her eye. He was good looking and his smile captivated her. He must find her attractive too because he kept looking over at her whenever she passed by. She tried to clamp down the feeling of excitement that brewed in her whenever she caught this friend looking at her. It was normal, she told herself. She was a woman and he was simply checking her out the way men did. It did  not mean he wanted to sleep with her. She tried not calm herself but to no avail.

Friday, 21 October 2016

African leaders steal $50bn annually, says German parliament

Andres Lammei, a lawmaker and chairman, Working Group on Africa of the CDU/CSU in the Federal Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany, has said that the legislative arm in Nigeria and other African countries are not duly respected by the executive.
Lammei made this statement yesterday while receiving in audience some select state parliamentarians and parliamentary staff from Nigeria at the Bundestag, Parliamentary Building in Berlin, Germany. He noted his observation and concerns over the ‘$50 billion’ that often disappeared from the treasury of governments across Africa annually, saying that that would always impede development in the county.

Comedian Bovi & wife Kris welcome a baby boy (photos)

Comedian and Director, Bovi Ugboma and his wife Kris have welcomed a baby boy in the US. This will be the third child for the couple who already have a boy and girl. Mother and son are doing fine. Congratulations to them! More photos after the cut...

Father who repeatedly raped his 12-year old daughter' only gets 60-day sentence

A judge, Judge John McKeon, who sentenced a father who repeatedly raped his 12 year old daughter to jail for only 60 days is catching all kinds of heat for his terrible judgement.
As at Thursday morning, there were about 38,000 signed petition on a petition calling for his impeachment for the 60-day sentence he gave the Glasgow, Montana father who pleaded guilty to repeatedly raping his  daughter.

Part of the petition reads:
“A father repeatedly raped his 12-year old daughter.” “It’s time to start punishing the judges who let these monsters walk our streets”.
During an Oct. 4 sentencing hearing, Deputy Valley County Attorney Dylan Jenson said Prosecutors had recommended a mandatory 25-year sentence, 100 years with 75 suspended, which is what state law calls for.

Rotimi Amaechi officially responds to Justice Ngwuta's allegations

Read the press statement below...
Our attention has been drawn to the allegations leveled against Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation, by Supreme Court Justice, The Honourable Justice Sylvester Ngwuta. In response we state that: 
1.     The Hon. Justice Ngwuta’s allegation as it concerns Amaechi is nothing but pure fiction, a dubious diversionary tale concocted to muddle the very serious issues of his arrest and investigation by the Department of State Services (DSS).
2.     For emphasis, we want to state categorically that Amaechi did not and has never tried to lobby, induce or make the Hon. Justice Ngwuta to influence the outcome of any matter before the Supreme Court or any other court. The Hon. Justice Ngwuta’s narrative as it concerns Amaechi is simply not true, an unadulterated fallacy design to deceive and distract from the real issues of DSS investigation of acts of corruption against him.

Patience Jonathan: The $15m were gifts from friends and well-wishers over the last 15 years which I saved

Wife of former Nigerian President, Patience Jonathan has explained in details how she accumulated in 15 years over $15million in bank accounts linked to her by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The detail was given in court papers filed by Union of Niger Delta Youth Organisation for Equity, Justice and Good Governance on behalf of the former First Lady, against the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) .

The suit with number FHC/L/CS/1349/2016 before a Federal High Court in Lagos, accuses SERAP of using online, print and electronic media to publish to the public unfounded and malicious allegations that she stole $15m (US), urging for her prosecution.