Friday, 2 September 2016

Parents outraged that their 1 day old baby was cremated without their permission

Los Angeles Parents want answers from the coroner's office after their 1-day-old daughter died and was cremated without their knowledge or consent. Michael Johnston says his daughter, Auroraanne De La Torre-Johnston was born healthy and nothing seemed to be wrong with her but that she died the day after she was born and was taken by the coroner's office to determine cause of death.
However, when he followed up with the office last week, to find out what killed his seemingly healthy 1 day old daughter, they told him the baby had been cremated and her ashes emptied on the grounds of the morgue.
Michael Jonston

He says he wasn't told what killed the child and wasn't told she was going to be cremated either.

Now he wants answers as to why she died and why she was cremated without his or his wife's consent or permission.

The Coroner's office still hasn't responded to his request, they are planning to sue them if they don't get answers soon.