Monday, 11 July 2016

Man shares photos of the only structure that posed as a bank in Chibok many years ago...and it's...*sigh*

Media strategist, Femi Owolabi who is presently in Borno state, shared this photo above, saying it is the only structure that posed as a bank in Chibok community in Borno state. According to him, even before Boko Haram started their attacks on the community, there were no tarred roads in that community.

"This is the only thing that once posed as a bank in Chibok. Chibok, a Local Government headquarters town, doesn't have a bank. "Even this one stopped functioning way before the insurgency started. We have to travel to Maiduguri or Uba before we get to use a bank," he adds The political leadership in this part of the world is a total failure. Recall, Chibok cannot boast of 1km tarred road. That is a LG Hq town! Chibok, a local government headquarters town, do not have any tarred road. This, makes me sad, always. Especially when I gathered that there was a time the LG was getting hundreds of millions as allocation"he wrote.