Sunday, 5 June 2016

Woman narrates how she and her daughters were raped by warlords

In the clip, the woman above named Rebecca Masika, a Congolse Human Rights Activist, narrated how some warlords dressed in military uniform, stormed her home during the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1999, stole from them, dismembered her husband and afterwards forced her to eat his penis The warlords then proceeded to rape her and her two daughters aged 9 and 13 who got pregnant and had babies for men who they do not know.

According to the woman, she counted 22 men raping her before she passed out. The attack left her womb destroyed.

She said she was later thrown out of her husband's house by his relatives because she refused to get married to his younger brother and also because she had no male child. She worked with a foundation that helped victims of rape. Masika died last year from Malaria and High Blood Pressure.