Friday, 3 June 2016

The 4-year old boy who was mutilated by his stepmother in Kano is still alive

There were rumours on media outlets today, that Musa, the 4-year-old mutilated by his Step mother had passed away. Angels of Hope Foundation, an NGO that has been giving reports on Musa's treatment and progress in the hospital, has debunked the reports. According to their CEO,
"It is sad that people start false rumors without confirmation. People have been circulating rumors that the mutilated toddler Musa has passed away. I received various calls this morning from online news channels asking me to confirm or refute the story. Well here is my answer "Musa Is Alive and getting better".
 For news channels that have put up his death even before confirming, I Omar Naveed Mohammed Abdulmalik Request that you take it down immediately (On Behalf of his mother). This family have been through enough trauma for a lifetime and I consider the spreading of this false rumor as Mean. Please take it down and let the family heal emotionally and physically. Just pray for them and support them in anyway you can. Thank you all for your support and concern".