Friday, 17 June 2016

Dasuki to approach Supreme Court to challenge his continued detention despite meeting his bail conditions

Embattled former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, is set to file a lawsuit before the Supreme court challenging his continued detention by the Department of State Security DSS despite meeting his bail conditions.

Dasuki is being tried for unlawful possession of arms, money laundering and alleged involvement in the $2.1 billion arms deal scandal. Dasuki's counsel, Ahmed Raji, indicated his next move after the Court of Appeal in Abuja ruled against his application to be released from DSS custody.

Three different High Courts in Abuja have granted him bail and after meeting the conditions of the bail, he was re-arrested on December 29th by operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS) on an alleged order of the federal government.

According to the Federal government, Dasuki was re-arrested because as a Crown Prince of Sokoto Caliphate, he has quite a number of sympathizers that may work against the government and jeopardize his trial if allowed on bail.