Monday, 16 May 2016

Photos: Woman breastfeeds a starving baby she found abadoned in a cardboard box

A Chinese woman named Wei (pictured) has been praised for nursing an abandoned baby girl who was discovered crying on the street. She volunteered to breastfeed the child, suspected to have cerebal palsy and other medical conditions that will require further examinations. 

According to reports, the newborn was first discovered in a storage box by a passerby, early in the morning on a street in Xianyang city, China. Wei also saw the box which was actually positioned outside her company but assumed it was just rubbish and did not bother to check. However, she and others later heard a baby crying and realised that it was coming from the box.
The box was opened and the baby girl was found wrapped in bedding with around half a bag of milk and 100 yuan (£10).
Wei who happened to be a new mother took charge and carefully put the hungry baby in her arms. She sat down in the corner and breastfed the child to stop her from crying.
The baby girl indeed stopped weeping and police arrived at the scene to see her lying quietly in Wei's arms.
The child has been taken to the Xianyang City Social Welfare institute and police are currently investigating the case.