Saturday, 7 May 2016

Mum drowned her seven year old daughter in front of her son as punishment for misbehaving

Amanda Lewis murdered her seven year old daughter, Adrianna Hutto after she sprayed window cleaner over the TV in the living room.

At first, Amanda claimed her daughter had been cleaning bugs out of the pool when she slipped, fell in and drowned, her younger brother AJ, desperately  had tried to save her but couldn't and screamed for help.
Amanda, said she raced over and found her daughter Adrianna floating face down and hauled her out.
However, it later emerged it wasn't a tragic accident as her son AJ told cops that the mum drowned his sister after she misbehaved "Adrianna made ‘momma mad’ after spraying cleaning fluid over the television.
From MirrorUK:
At first, the Sheriff’s Department and crime investigators had no reason to believe the incident was anything but a tragic accident.

But less than an hour later, Amanda’s six year old son AJ started to tell a more sinister story - a story that would lead to a murder trial in which he was key witness against his mother
While Amanda attended hospital as doctors battled to save her daughter’s life, AJ was in the care of his grandparents - Amanda’s mother’s Brenda Burns and step father Charles “Pa Chuck” Burns
AJ started to tell them that he had seen his mother drown Adrianna in the pool, using her hand to cover her face and push her underwater.
Brenda and Charles relayed this to the local Sheriff’s Department and they took AJ to be interviewed, all while Adrianna was still alive in hospital

AJ was interviewed twice that day by investigators and a child expert and both times he told a story that broadly remained the same: Adrianna had been ‘dunked’ by his mother as a punishment for being naughty.

In the interview AJ spoke clearly saying his mother ‘dunked’ and ‘drowned’ Adrianna – and even put his hand to forehead showing how his mother did it.

He described his mother in a fit of anger, incensed after Adrianna sprayed the cleaner fluid in the house.
AJ told police:
"Mama dunked my sister. She done some stuff that she ain’t supposed to so my momma got mad, so she throwed her in the pool.”
 His mother, he said, repeatedly dunked Adrianna, drowning her. He even showed police how his mum had held her hand over his sister to stop her screams.

That afternoon Adrianna died in hospital in nearby Panama City. Cops later noticed the children’s bedroom was squalid and had a strong stench of urine.

A month after her daughter’s death, Amanda was charged with murder. A post-mortem examination revealed a bruise over Adrianna’s face was the shape of a handprint.

The doctor who tried to save Adrianna said Amanda was emotionless when she had heard her daughter had passed away. Amanda’s colleagues revealed she had talked about killing her daughter.

Following a four-day trial the jury found Amanda guilty of murder and she was sentenced to life without parole.