Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Family dog refuses to leave the hospital bedside of baby girl left in coma after developing stroke

Nora Hall, a five months old girl, has been in an induced coma in the children’s hospital in Minneapolis, USA, after she suffered a massive heart attack on the 6th of April. Her mother says the girl won't survive it. However as Nora fights for her life in the hospital bed, her family dog has refused to leave her side. They have been with are all through and have shown no interest to leave her bedside..

The mother Mary hill shared the pictures on facebook and wrote :
 “My five month old daughter had a stroke on April 6. “We have been at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis since then.Nora was not “really using her left arm or leg” before at 8pm she began seizing up. Rushed to hospital doctors immediately found she a suffered “a massive stroke”.
“She is not going to survive.
"They allowed us to have our bassets here in the last couple of days because they are so attached to her.I can tell that they are very stressed and sad."
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