Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Photo: Man who negotiated release of Boko Haram hostages in Cameroon arrested following his sudden unexplained wealth

Abdallah Adamu, a negotiator between the Cameroonian Government and Boko Haram has been arrested for alleged complicity with the Nigerian terror group following his overnight wealth.

Investigative journalist Bisong Etai disclosed this in a series of tweets posted on Friday April 1.
"Abdalla Adamu, the man who negotiated release of all hostages abducted by BH in Cameroon was arrested for complicity with BH but nobody knows his whereabouts. He is suspected to have been sharing ramsom money with big guns in govt. His place of detention is now secret as it is feared he may be killed by highly placed govt officials. He became rich overnight when BH started abductions and he a negotiator. Assembly Speaker had said there were BH in Assembly. It is suspected Speaker Cavaye knows some BH sympathisers in high places. Being called to identify them. Will he?"