Monday, 4 April 2016

'Arrogance, greed, sell-out cost PDP the Presidency' - Sheriff says

PDP National Chairman, Alimodu Sheriff says arrogance, greed, sell-out contributed to PDP losing in the 2015 Presidential election. He said this in an interview with Thisday today April 4th.
“I know that arrogance was one of such issues and I also know that some of our party men and women sold out. So many factors contributed to Jonathan’s failure to win the elections.
I may not be able to tell you everything now, but it is an open secret that even his own men worked against him. By the time we went into that election, so many things had happened which served as warning signals of failure, but they were ignored. The PDP was in a better position to win, but somehow, we squandered our fortunes and we paid for it. We know better now and we will work towards avoiding some of the obvious pitfalls.” he said