Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Photos: Wife attempts to stab husband to death in Lagos

"I want to share a real story with you which happened over the weekend about a couple that live in Olowora. Isheri, Lagos Mr and Mrs Funsho Makinde who on Friday night in their flat had a heated argument which lead to the wife stabbing the husband on the thigh and arm with a big knife on a vein that led to the artery (and apparently this is not the first time she's pulled a knife on him)
My grieve here is that this woman is still allowed to walk on the streets of Lagos. It's absurd even the police men who came to the crime scene and took pictures, visited the man at emergency room in the hospital (LASUTH) after collecting 6 pints of blood, they still did not arrest her even though I believe they had enough evidence to do so...
There are organisations that fight for domestic violence against women whether verbal or physical but are women completely justified to say that we are the only species that suffer some form of abuse?
If this were a man you and I know this man would probably be locked up by now. This story is for real and it happened please this man needs to get justice as the woman is still seen strutting and cruising in his car while her husband is languishing in agonising pain 
I need this woman to be rid of from our streets. I hope your platform can shed light to this case and hopefully bring justice to at least save his life.
His name Funsho Makinde - works at Vitaform
Her name Tayo Makinde. And they have been married for a year‎  
Sent pictures of proof