Friday, 17 April 2015

Graphic: Strange illness in Ondo state that has killed 14 connected to exhumed corpse

Yesterday, we heard about a strange illness in a community in Ondo state that has killed people who woke up blind, with headache, rashes on their bodies and died 24 hours later.

According to new reports, it's not a medical condition. The state commissioner for Information and Strategy said the illness and sudden death is connected to an exhumed corpse in the community. He said people who've died so far were those who had contact with the people who exhumed the corpse.

"The said death by an unknown disease in Ode Irelein Ondo state, is not a disease as believed, it's actually a spiritual attack in the village meted on some indigenes in that locality who invaded the village shrine.."

This is supposedly a victim