Friday, 27 March 2015

Hussaini tells us how cattle rearing & 5 other reasons will make him and many honest Fulanis to vote Jonathan

Alhaji Muhammad Hussaini is the Nasarawa state secretary of Meyyiti-Allah (Fulani Pastoralists known as Cattle rearers). A devout muslim, he says he has a conscience and gave us 6 reasons that he and his entire family will vote for President Jonathan despite the fact that he is running against a Fulani man like himself. 

1.Cattle Transport: He said the ongoing overhauling of the nation’s railway lines has reduced the price of moving each head of cattle from N6000 by regular route but which costs them not more than N1000 through Jonathan’s administration trains. Is this not an achievement? 

 2.   2. Pasture for Cattle Rearing: Cattle breeders face nightmares and some of them have travelled all the way to Ghana because of acute water shortage. Jonathan’s Gurara dam project in Kaduna has ended our fears as the grass is green and the water shortage is greatly reduced.
3.   3. Al-Majiri schools: This Jonathan model education system will help in the near future to half the rising spate of street urchins in the north as the schools would go a long way to tackle the ugly trend.

4.   4. Gave Nasarawa a Federal University: Jonathan’s government gave Nasarawa state a Federal University which was never there before among 14 New Universities he built. By 2016 we are expecting  more graduates and this also accord chances to the down trodden in the society who would not afford to travel far.

5.    5. Fulani in Government: Jonathan carried along a lot of key Fulani people despite the distrust between the ordinary Southerner and the Fulanis. Top positions in the PDP Chairman Adamu Muazu, Senator Walid Jibrin, the secretary Board of Trustee, Professor Rufai Ahmed, Dr.Musa Babayo. He is also in good terms with Isa Yuguda, Sule Lamido, Umar Machido. 

6. 6.    Awe-Obi-Lafia Road: Jonathan rehabilitated the Awe-Obi-Lafia highway, it was difficult to transport our cattle to the market. Before we lose some heads of cattle as some die in the process of moving them to Lafia due to the bad road or we are force to slaughter others before they die. This has changed already