Wednesday, 18 February 2015

2015 elections: Group urges Nigerians to stop sitting on the sideliness and take a stand

"It is not our beliefs, but our actions that make us better people. Nigeria must keep moving, but that means it is you and I that must keep moving. We must fight against not only corrupt leaders and mediocrity at all levels, but against our own inertia which whispers to us that we are helpless. We must seize our destinies and act before it is too late. We must take a stand now” – Take A Stand Nigeria. 
The need for better participation by Nigerians in shaping the future of the country has been emphasized. This was thrust of a statement released by a group of young Nigerian professionals from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The group, Take A Stand, in a statement says it is time for Nigerians to take a stand against governments that take the citizens for granted regardless of party affiliation at the local, state and national levels.
“Nigerians, we must stop complaining and take our destinies into our own hands. If I have to sleep in my office to ensure that I vote, I will do it. If I don’t vote, I have no right to complain” Mr Adebola Odu- Onikosi , a member of the group admonished.
Worried about the high level of corruption and impunity in the country, Take A Stand believes that citizens need to play a major role by ensuring that they come out and vote for those they believe will take the country out of her present woes. “If 70% of the population come out to vote, it will be difficult for the elections to get rigged” another member of the group added.
Promising to not let up until the ‘Nigeria of our dreams” is realized; The Take A Stand group has planned a self-supported mass mobilization campaign, where Nigerians of various social and economic strata will be further enlightened on the merits of taking part in the selection of leaders for the country.
“When your kids are 20years old, where will Nigeria be? This is affecting all of us, you cannot take your whole village abroad” – Odu-Onkosi further challenged everyone to get involved as this was bigger than individuals and parties.
In a bid to reach a wider audience, an inaugural blog chat hosted by singer and Nigerian Idol judge, Yinka Davies was held on Valentine’s Day on the initiative’s official website to discuss the Love for Country. According to the organizers, such innovative chats will hold every Saturday with respected public figures who will drive a non-partisan conversation.
This week, international Public Speaker and blogger, Omojuwa will be hosting the blog chat on the group’s website at 2PM. People in and out of Nigeria are urged to join in this discussion and lend their voices to the noble cause. To follow and be a part of the initiative’s activities on social media:

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