Wednesday, 3 December 2014

"I'm 20" Dolphins FC striker insists as he's dismissed for falsification of age

Dolphins FC of Port Harcourt striker and 2014 Federation MVP, Emem Eduok has been dismissed from the national U23 camp for age falsification.

According to the management of the U23 players, Emem's passport states he was born January 31, 1994 while his club license shows he was born in 1991. Media officer of the U23, Timi Ebikagboro while speaking on his dismissal said Emem has to go and sort out his age irregularities with his club.

 He came with a passport showing he is 20 but his records in the LMC shows he is 23. If you watch the Federation Cup final on Super Sport, his age was shown as 23. The license his club sent to the NFF is 23. So, it’s left for him and his club to sort out the issue. It’s assumed that the player signed the LMC document, which stated that the player agreed to all the information in the document,” he said.
Meanwhile Emem maintains he is 20 and not 23
"I’m 20 and not 23. I was born in 1994, so I don’t know where the club got their information from. I played at the U-20 World Cup last year, with the age on my passport. That is my age and that is what FIFA knows” he said.