Thursday, 11 December 2014

Abuja maid strangles 3 year old girl to death

Parents please be careful with the kind of people you bring around your children. It is your responsibility to protect them. I know with work and other engagements it is almost impossible not to have someone to help with the kids but make sure it's someone you can trust with the lives of your children. Last month, we all watched in horror as a Ugandan maid battered a 2 year old girl.

This week we heard about the maid who took two young boys from their home in Lagos after just a few weeks of working with the family. And I just heard about a maid in Abuja who strangled a 3 year old girl recently just because the girl's mum told her she couldn't travel to her village for Christmas.

The disappointed maid was said to have killed the little girl in anger because the girl's mother had insisted she had to stay in Abuja to look after the child. Please mothers, be more careful.