Thursday, 18 September 2014

Photos: Angry babe drags boyfriend on the floor in Yaba

Those who really know the full story said that the not-so-fortunate dude owe his girl friend a long overdue explanation for his divided attention and mischievous laughter while chatting on his phone. 

His girlfriend who had endured the excruciating wait for some quality time from her man had begun to share her moments from a movie they had seen at a cinema when her man switched to his Palmchat mode (eyes fixed on the phone screen and fingers punching letters from the phone’s key pad). The poor girl demanded for the attention she deserved politely at first…you heard that, politely.
The dude apologized and put his cell phone on sleep mode while his girl resumed her talking. In less than 5 minutes our guy pulled out his phone while his babe was looking him straight in the eyes, flicked the cell phone’s function button and returned to his Palmchat mode; this time sending several loud chuckles to whoever he was chatting up. This was when all hell broke loose.

Angry babe demands an explanation
The story the way we heard it, continued with an obviously angry babe asking her man for some explanation for the gross negligence: “Guy, howfar who be dis person you dey chat sef wey make you no send me?” Our sources told us that our boy shushed his girl so that he could finish chatting whoever he was chatting on Palmchat without disturbance. That was when our babe threw all mannerism to the air and went ballistic, pulling for the cell phone. Our boy tried to hold onto his property but dis laby na iron laby… she pulled our poor boy along the Yaba bus stop while passers-by enjoyed some interesting drama unfolding before eyes.